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Ireland and London
Updated October 2, 2006

We spent a few days moored in the heart of Dublin. We discovered how Guinness and Jameson Irish whiskey are made. I was almost given a yellow card for sipping the black brew before it had settled properly.

entering downtown Dublin

famine memorial Oscar the Wilde

We had planned to sail over to Wales and then take the train to Oxfordshire to see sailing friends, but the Irish Sea kicked up such a fuss, even the fast ferries were cancelled. So we hopped on a superferry and train to Cholsey to catch up with the Axons. We had met them in Italy during their half-year cruise through the Med,and we were pleased to see how well they were adjusting to life ashore.

surprisingly, the otter hound missed the sail through the Med

We learned how the English spend their weekends: football, followed by football,then more ...

John coaching his daughter's football team

we spent a day in Oxford

and a day in London, knowing that we will surely be back

figurehead display aboard the Cutty Sark

now we are waiting for good weather to cross the Bay of Biscay