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Updated August 1,2006

We arrived in Arendal in time for the Norwegian Grand Prix.

I went out on the committee boat for a practice run.

crew readies Number 50 King of Shaves

Number 96 is piloted by HE Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani

Frustrated throttleman Matteo Nicolini attaches a towline after engine failure

heading back to the pit

the pitcrew size up the problem

Arendal is jammed with spectators for the Grand Prix

From Arendal we bussed up to Oslo and took the train to see relatives that I hadn't seen for 33 years.

I spent Christmas on this fox farm near Ophus in 1973.

welcome dinner of smoked salmon, roast moose and fresh strawberries

the fur farm closed in 2001 after over 80 years raising foxes

 cabin up in the moutain meadows

we had a BBQ at another relative's house near Hamar

Coming into Arendal we had problems with our transmission.

leaving Grimstad we lost forward gear so sailed to Kristiansand

luckily the wind was fair as there was a bit of traffic

now we wait for parts...