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Surviving the Tsunami
Christmas Eve we had a buffet turkey dinner at the Ao Sane beach restaurant with approximately 200 other sailors that were anchored in Nai Harn Bay. Two days later at approximately 0930 in the morning the first of several tsunami waves generated by an 8.9  earthquake washed away the restaurant. Most of the restaurants and shops at the head of Nai Harn Bay were also destroyed with seven people confirmed dead and numerous injured.

devastation at Nai Harn Bay
Since Nai Harn is a fairly deep anchorage none of the sailboats were damaged, but many moved out of the bay to sea  for several hours in case there were waves from aftershocks. We were all extremely lucky. Many of the yachties have been helping clear up debris and rebuild Ao Sane. But many coastal areas around the Indian Ocean were not so fortunate. Our condolences go out to them.