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Kids page
Updated February 6/06

Hi I'm Emma.  I'm 12years old.  I home (boat) school on a computer which is the least fun!

We've had lots of great experiences including:  visiting Sliding Rocks where we slid down water
falls,swimming in caves and meeting many new people while learning about many different cultures.

QUIZ(answers at bottom)


Are my elephants smaller or larger than African elephants?

My inhabitants are mostly of what religion: Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu or Muslim?

elephant ride in Thailand


What famous river is located in my northern region: Nile river, Ganges River or Yellow river?

What is my capital city: Bangkok, Calcutta, Kabul or New Delhi?

rice boat turned charter boat in Kerala

The Great Pyramid is the worlds largest Pyramid.

Was it built for King Tutankhamen, King Khufu or Queen Cleopatra?

What is my capital city? (again!)  Hint it is also my largest city.

Sphinx was smalled than I thought it would be


What is my capital city? ( Last time.): Ankara, Baghdad or Istanbul?

Why are there no statues inside the Blue Mosque (Pronounced Mosk)? They are forbidden,
they have been stolen or there are too many earthquakes?

cliff tombs in Danae


My official language is Roman True or False?

I am Known for growing many types of olives. are olives considered to be: Fruits,Nuts or Vegetables?

Delos Island


What body of water surrounds me: The black sea, the Caspian sea or the Mediterranean?

The statue of David found in Florence was sculpted by what famous Artist:
Donatello, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci?

Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome

The leaning tower of Pisa was built in France during the twelfth Century. True or False

What French general had the Arc du Triomphe built in Paris?

in the French canals

Other sailing shots


 swimming in a cave formed in a limestone island in Fiji

   sea snake outside of limestone cave


         cicada at Carnavon Gorge   (click arrow to hear cicadas)

      pelican on pile

 bower( male Satin Bower-bird dances here),this one thinks blue will attract a mate.

Monument for Captain Cook, at 1770

 my friend Rose and I playing catscradle

We were re-rigging at Yamba and my dad asked me to take pictures of re-stepping the mast.

 Terry guides the mast over the dock

Dad, Geoff and Terry moving the mast into position

Graham, forklift operator
Almost in position

just a tad more

I finally got a chance for a trail ride

during the muster these two bulls started fighting


 we saw this Komodo dragon on Rinca Island

    this scorpion was on the trail in Thailand.


 My elephant are Smaller than African elephants.
My inhabitants are Buddhist.

  My famous river is the Ganges river.
My capital city is New Delhi.

   My great Pyramid was built for King Khufu.
My capital city is Cairo (Pronounced Ki - ro)

    My capital city is Ankara.
Statues have been forbidden inside Blue Mosque.

False of course! in Greece they speak Greek!
Olives are considered Fruit.

The Mediterranean sea surrounds me.
The Statue of David was sculpted by Michelangelo.

  And again the answer is false. The leaning tower of Pisa is in
Italy not France!
Napoleon had the Arc du Triomphe built in Paris it was completed in 1836.