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Capt. Ian has spent more than 9 years sailing offshore. A member of the Jacques Cousteau generation, he grew up thinking all " zee leetle fish living amidst zee coral "spoke with French accents. After he became a biologist he studied conch in the Caribbean, coral trout on the Great Barrier, grizzlies in Tweedsmuir and spent six seasons as a marine ranger with BC Parks. In 2003 he left with his family on a four-year circumnavigation of the world. They survived the Boxing Day tsunami in Phuket, pirates in the Gulf of Aden and a winter moored by the Place de la Bastille in Paris. He co-authored Exploring Quadra Island- Heritage Sites & Hiking Trails with Jeanette Taylor


and recently released Campbell River, Gateway to the Inside Passage with photographer Boomer Jerritt.

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